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You can create such a list yourself (and in your own language, and remove words with special characters, because they might cause problems with some software), or you can download such a list (check that it consists of unique words and is long enough, at least 2048 words = 2^11 words, which corresponds to 11 bits of entropy).

The following list is based on a list of the 5000 most common words in American English, and modified (many words were removed, a few words were added).

That is a direct result of focusing too much on the computer aspect, at the expense of the human aspect.

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Many security mechanisms present in Ubuntu and elsewhere require a password.

Passwords are the most commonly used security tactic in computing, and are frequently used to protect sensitive information, such as your e-mail account, or your Ubuntu user account.

The first step is to choose a phrase which you can easily remember, but is at least 8 words long.

This can be a favourite quote, a line from your favourite song, something you heard randomly while walking around, or even an obscure reference to a movie you like.

To generate such a sequence, and use random data prompting, issue the following command at a command prompt: The most important part of this comic, even if it were to get the math wrong (which it didn't), is visually emphasizing that there are two equally important aspects to selecting a strong password (or actually, a password policy, in general): All too often, when discussing complex passwords, strong policies, expiration, etc (and, to generalize - all security), we tend to focus overly much on the computer aspects, and skip over the human aspects.

For example, how often does strict password complexity policy enforced by IT (such as the one shown in the XKCD), result in the user writing down his password, and taping it to his screen?

recommend a formal password policy, including rotation/change scheduling, re-use prevention strategies, and the like.

Such principles are beyond the scope of this guide, and the reader is requested to see the resources presented at the end of this guide for further information on passwords, and formal password policies. It's a myth that's spread by a lot of websites, but it's still a myth.

For this example, we'll choose "Just keep in mind that certain characters (like: ^,`,',~,ß,...) might be hard to locate or enter on a foreign keyboard (e.g.

when travelling or using a different keyboard layout - think US 104-key layout vs. While it's clearly a bad idea to store passwords in a publicly-visible place, it's a very good idea to keep your passwords written somewhere private.

You are now ready to begin using, and further configuring xkcdpass to your liking.

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