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Imagine an online dating space devoid of painfully flexed abs and bathroom mirror selfies.

There are no dick pics, no requests for nudes before you’ve exchanged names, and no mass messages of cheesy one-liners.

Once matched, you can start messaging, although there is a limit to how many messages you get to send back and forth.

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Freeman and White want to help women deal with men who don’t know how to get to the point, wasting time messaging for an eternity without ever making plans to meet up IRL.

It’s all pretty dreamy if you ask us, and a really cool way to feel safe and in control of your online dating interactions.

The app is currently flourishing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the creators’ homebase of San Diego.

Wyldfire has communities in NYC, Boston, London, Chicago, and D. Populating those markets is completely up to us, and with each user we invite, we’re creating a community to help each other find love… So, spread it like Wyldfire — but safely and responsibly!

At Date Perfect, we believe in honesty and transparency.

Every time dating communities appear in our search results, the most relevant ones are at the top, with highest preference given to communities we believe are least likely to be fraudulent.

If someone happens to send you an unrequested dick pic, there’s an easy system in place to flag a user and immediately put him under review."Flagging is a serious thing to do to someone," Brian Freeman, CEO and co-founder of Wyldfire, says.

"But, if one guy is creeping you out, chances are, he is also creeping other women out, and we don’t want him on here."Freeman and his best friend (and Wyldfire co-founder) Andrew White decided that having male users vetted by women would reduce the chances of women being creeped on.

While there are many good players in the dating space, there are also plenty that don’t put consumers first.

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