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The love that I experienced with him was true in that moment. We wanted to bring light to a situation that is often looked at in a dark manner.As a teenager you’re not jaded, you are free to be vulnerable because you’re not putting up big walls. Obviously they are both going through hard situations, but they’re both sarcastic and witty and strong. Yes, you’re dealing with something that is so above and beyond anything that I dealt with, but that’s not who your heart is.However, the evening took a surprisingly steamy turn when the alum exchanged a kiss with Allison Janney. Photos: All The Red Carpet Looks From The Hollywood Film Awards! Before even gracing the stage, Kate was introduced by her "What a great room this is to be in tonight, filled with so many achievements and such powerful creativity.

She hasn’t changed much and seems both mature for her years and youthfully enthusiastic about life.

Sunning herself on the balcony of her Los Angeles hotel room, where we meet to discuss The Fault In Our Stars, there is nothing ‘entitled’ about this actress.

In this summer’s much anticipated release The Fault In Our Stars (based on the bestseller by John Green), Shailene stars as Hazel, a witty, intelligent 16-year-old with thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs.

The film’s title is inspired by a line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar about fate and personal responsibility. ‘If you don’t cry there’s something wrong,’ smiles Shailene.

Film critics are calling her the next Jennifer Lawrence.

And like the 23-year-old Hunger Games star, Shailene has avoided syrupy girlfriend roles, mixing indie films, such as the excellent The Spectacular Now, with mainstream, big-budget fare such as Divergent (she is currently filming the sequel Insurgent).‘People are always asking, “Are you prepared for the Hollywood life? ‘You see people looking beautiful at the Oscars, but at the end of the night, you go home and still have dirty dishes in the sink.’ I was in a relationship that was very intense when I was 17.I definitely had those feelings of lust and infatuation.' As for Maksim, he put it simply on Instagram: '2017 was the best year of my life.'On December 5, Murgatroyd began filming her acting debut as newly-divorced dance studio owner Faith Turley in Faith, Hope & Love, which hits US theaters November 2.Peta admitted on New Year's Day: 'This year was kinda insane, it honestly just hit me in the face and threw me through an emotional loop.The Thor: Ragnarok cast reveal which star had the cast in stitches during filming and which Avenger or Guardian would be the easiest to defeat in a one-on-one battle.

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