Who is juelz santana dating

He Says Dipset Is “Over” (Video)On Flex’s show, Jones made it a point to define his role within The Diplomats, and assert his artistic accomplishments. In turn, Cam’ signed his first major label contract, and the two men celebrated newfound wealth and Rap prestige. “When Cam’ got his deal, I said we’ve got to form an army around us, ’cause we can’t be running around, lettin’ niggas roll over us. This is a little bit before I really started bangin’ Blood and all that type of crazy shit. This is braids [era] ‘Jimmy’,” he says, referring to his look in late 1990s Cam’ron music videos and appearances.

While there were plenty of highlights to the interview, Jim’s response to Cam’ron’s December comments may be the most intriguing.

Two months ago, while speaking to Angie Martinez, Cam’ proclaimed Dipset as “over,” and detracted his former partner (and onetime manager’s) rhyme abilities. I would not let Cam’ put his self in harm’s way on my watch or my clock, as could see.” Here, at , Jim gets really heated and starts getting visibly emotional. Moving ahead, Jim Jones becomes choked up to the point tears fall down from his eyes. Like, he’s the prized possession; he cannot be touched, at all.

’Round of applause for the ever so beautiful Kimbella.

Yesterday (February 8), it was announced that Jim Jones signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. It’s never been a time where I backed down from any situation in the ! And I been up against 20, 30 deep by myself, where [The Diplomats] left me by myself. And I escape those situations and still come back and give niggas hi-fives and ‘what we doin’ today?

Juelz is dating one of the series regulars, Kimbella.

His only claim to fame is not Love and Hip Hop, however.He made a name for himself in the music business a long time ago.If you want to know more about Juelz, his career, and his life, read on.He has a daughter named Bella Monroe James and two sons, named Juelz Santana James and La Ron Louis James Jr.Throughout his hip-hop career, Juelz collaborated and worked with a variety of artists on their albums.Juelz knew at a very young age what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and he started rapping at the age of 5.

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