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I’d be working on a science project, Dustin on his art.

“I spent every cent of it on drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll,” Yellin says.

He hitchhiked through New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand, “read Freud, learned about Warhol, wrote bad poetry, and dropped acid in Bondi Beach while watching ”When he returned to Aspen, Yellin found that a girl he knew had taken up with an older man, a physicist.

We took it very seriously—an amalgamation of different disciplines working together.”Landscape designer Taylor Drayton Nelson, a member of Kern’s Brown clique, says, “He always had the magic keys to clubs and restaurants.

The velvet rope disappeared for Dustin.” Yellin elaborates, “I met Giuseppe Cipriani when he was starting downtown Cipriani.

On Durazzo’s first visit to the Stable, Rene Ricard cautioned Yellin’s latest acolyte, “Be careful.

Dustin could be a religion.”Durazzo says, “I knew I was hitching my wagon to the right person.

Before the all-Balanchine program commenced, principal dancer Adrian Danchig-Waring stepped in front of the monumental gold curtain and made an announcement.

As part of New York City Ballet’s ongoing Art Series, 15 monolithic, mixed-media sculptures by Dustin Yellin had been installed on the Promenade level, and after that evening’s performance, the audience was invited to view the exhibition and drink free beer.

He said, ‘Anything this kid makes I’ll put up on my walls.’ When the restaurant opened, I’d take out a big group to Cipriani and Giuseppe would feed us all for free.”Even with his hyperactive social life, Yellin was always obsessively making art—at that point mostly paintings, collages, and, Nelson says, “psycho-repetitious drawings of multi-cellular entities.” Posen adds, “He was probably too prolific—he could have used editing.

But he was open to discussion.” With the avuncular aid of Tony Durazzo, an interior designer Yellin had met in 1995, his efforts grew incrementally more accomplished.

In the chest cavity of an ethereal being, they could detect anything from a miniature black-and-white Roman head to an orange Gulf Oil sign, snipped from books and magazines, to gauzy drifts of acrylic paint. More went up on Sunset Boulevard in the late summer. His father, Ben, who, with his current wife, operates a chain of Los Angeles martial-arts schools, adds, “Dustin was always digging through garbage, bringing home rocks and other oddities, arranging strange junk in his room. He attracted over a hundred people.” (Yellin can be seen some 30 years later break-dancing in Jay Z’s 2013 “Picasso Baby” video.)Yellin recalls, “When I was 11, I smoked pot.

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