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Instead, Couch battled injuries and inefficiency for a good bit of his five years with the Browns, only once starting all 16 games (2001).

Who is braylon edwards dating

Here are the recollections and reflections of some of those who played the position for the Browns, and some of the franchise's key decision-makers who made the calls along the way that led to Cleveland's string of failures at the game's most pivotal position. Like Peyton Manning to Indianapolis the year before him, Tim Couch was the first overall pick of the NFL draft in 1999, landing with the newly reformed Browns.

His selection was presumed to launch a long and special relationship between a quarterback and his adopted Midwestern city, with some early struggles giving way to steady periods of success and the chasing of championships.

Cleveland started the season 2-1 with Couch under center, but it won just once after September, finishing 3-13.

The Browns' only victory in the final 13 weeks of the season came at home against New England in Week 11.

The statistics are mind-boggling, but almost familiar by now.

It's the jersey of hopes extinguished, simply yet powerfully capturing the litany of woes one star-crossed franchise has experienced in trying to fill the most critical position in football.

He said, 'Look, I'm going to go with it,' even though it wasn't part of the plan. But the bottom line is, I think we should have stuck with the plan. Everybody is always critical, saying, 'Why didn't you get Kurt Warner in the expansion draft that year?

Because we knew we weren't going to have a very proud record that year anyway. [Warner went on to earn MVP honors and lead the 1999 Rams to a Super Bowl title.] The problem was [Rams coach] Dick Vermeil.

Rooney that I still have and will cherish until I go to my grave.

When we started there, everybody in the building felt we should take a quarterback with our first pick, and when it was all said and done, the football people were all in on Tim. He was a veteran quarterback and [Browns general manager] Dwight Clark and I knew him from the 49ers.

He's sitting there, and he's watching Kurt Warner in practice every day, and he still gives Trent Green million (In 2000, the Browns' second season, the quarterback situation got markedly worse, presaging the game of musical chairs to come at the position.

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