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But I think episodes that have Mc Garrett playing lesser of a role, and we sort of put other characters forward, I think they do just as well and I think people really like the family that we've built.

So, yeah, if it comes to that, there's still life after that character.

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Mother, she finds out she also meets a stellar cast in 1999.

Alex Mc Loughlin: Mc Garrett would be "an idiot" to take Catherine back Speaking of parenting, has Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) really lost custody of Sara for good?

Lenkov: It's become a big storyline for us, Chin's relationship with Sara. The story doesn't end, but the story takes a very interesting turn.

But we're moving forward as if the show's going to keep going. There's fans of the show that either love [Catherine] or hate her, and they're very vocal, both sides.

In addition, contrary to O'Loughlin's statements that the relationship between Mc Garrett and Catherine (Michelle Borth) reached its endpoint in last week's episode, Lenkov says there's more story to be told for the two characters."We're not looking at it as being finished," Lenkov says. But we always saw Catherine being a part of the entire arc of this franchise." features a big revelation that will put Grover (Chi Mc Bride) and Danny (Scott Caan) in an awkward position.

It's for sure something that not only plays very big in the next batch of episodes, but is going to play through the end of the season as well.

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