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In both cases, you can start learning from scratch without any kind of disadvantage. Exams in this category include College Algebra or Spanish.In the case of College Algebra, you can’t begin the study of the subject without previous math preparation (ideally completion of Algebra 2) and in the case of Spanish, you’ll have to before taking the exam.

Since CLEP exams cost about $100 each, the total financial investment was about $1300.

Since a family can pay as they go, it allows most people to budget and plan for a good portion of their teen’s college education well ahead of time!

Should your teen take Natural Sciences or Chemistry? Through my own testing journey, I’ve found that CLEP exams tend to represent one of two exam types: is one that you can approach with no pre-existing knowledge about the subject, and learn it well enough to pass an exam.

A few examples of these exam types are American Literature or Sociology.

It’s based on what they’ve done, and what they plan to do in the coming years.

In part, it also helps to know if you’re planning to use dual enrollment options, and whether or not they have zeroed in on a college major.

At this point, my advice is that you’ll select remaining courses and exams that align with a target college.

College policy, awarding of credit, and accepted exams should all make their way into the conversation when selecting a college.

As we go into 11th grade, we may have the added option of taking college courses through dual enrollment, which throws a monkey wrench into things a bit.

For the purpose of this sample, we’ll assume you’re only using CLEP. In fact, while the CLEP exams all align perfectly to the subjects on the schedule, it may be too aggressive for all but the most motivated students.

The exam scores can be held for 20 years before being used, so the risk/reward ratio really supports testing while its fresh in their mind. In this year, we continue to develop English and Math skills but are attempting two very big CLEP exams.

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