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It provided a live picture every few minutes of the office coffee pot to all desktop computers on that office's network.

That webcam photographed her every few minutes while it broadcast those images live over the Internet upon a site called Jenni Cam.

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Webcasting is used extensively in the commercial sector for investor relations presentations (such as annual general meetings), in e-learning (to transmit seminars), and for related communications activities.

However, webcasting does not bear much, if any, relationship to web conferencing, which is designed for many-to-many interaction.

Apple later webcast a concert by Metallica on June 10, 1996 live from Slim's in San Francisco.midnight (UT) at Celtica in Machynlleth, Wales, UK – the first live streamed audio and simultaneous live streamed video multicast – around the globe to more than twenty direct "mirrors" in more than twenty countries.

In September 1997, Nebraska Public Television started webcasting Big Red Wrap Up from Lincoln, Nebraska which combined highlights from every Cornhusker football game, coverage of the coaches' weekly press conferences, analysis with Nebraska sportswriters, appearances by special guests and questions and answers with viewers.

It allows family and friends of the couple to watch the wedding in real time on the Internet.

It is sometimes used for weddings in exotic locations, such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Hawaii or the Caribbean, for which it is very expensive or difficult for people to travel to see the wedding in person.

The ability to webcast using cheap/accessible technology has allowed independent media to flourish.

There are many notable independent shows that broadcast regularly online.

For web users: Make sure that when you're gearing up to broadcast via the web, you click "ALLOW" on the top of your browser.

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