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Just make sure to align your outlet and water hookup accordingly. You can pull clean dishes from one drawer when you set the table, load dirties into the other after the meal.

A kitchen remodel is a big deal—not something to be approached rashly.

So before you even visit a showroom or meet with a pro, read our expert kitchen remodeling tips and advice on creating the cook space you've always coveted. You can often use stock wine organizers, cubby units, and even appliance panels to fill awkward spaces that might otherwise require you to buy a custom cabinet.

• May stand out 4 inches beyond typical counter depth.

• $5,000–$10,000 sticker price Induction uses an electro-magnetic field to heat stainless-steel or cast-iron cookware.

Rev-A-Shelf Wood Classic Half Moon Two Shelf Lazy Susan, starting at $235; A front set of shelves slide out and to one side, allowing a second set tucked in the corner to slide forward.

Square shelves, rather than angled ones, take full advantage of the cabinet interior.

• Use slim cans that require frequent emptying, to keep odors at bay and prevent back strain from hefting too-big bags.

Consider these stain-resistant man-made alternatives that never need to be sealed.

Knape & Vogt Slide-Out Base Blind Corner Unit, 0; Two height-adjustable peanut-shaped shelves snake out and to the side in one fluid motion.

The shelves fully extend, so there's no reaching inside for items tucked in the rear.

Anything stored on exposed shelves will collect dust, so consider them only for: • Everyday objects, like coffee cups and cereal bowls, that you wash frequently • Cookbooks, which don't show dust and are generally stored in the open anyway • Oversize items, like soup tureens and serving platters, if you don't mind giving them a quick rinse • Wine racks, since bottles won't fit behind the doors on wall cabinets It tops many a kitchen remodeler's wish list, but is a high-firepower cooker really the right choice for you?

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