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If you think to yourself that life’s challenges have blocked you from your goals, happiness and life purpose, then that is exactly what will happen.

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Often, when we find meaning, we find strength and purpose.

Yet sometimes, we don’t pursue the goals we really want.

If you’re self-sabotaging you might feel sadness and anger, be rude to your boss and consume alcohol to numb the emotions.

You might then damage your relationship with your boss, and make it less likely you will get a promotion in the future.

Remember, do something often enough and it becomes habit.

Once you’re thinking and talking positively you’re more likely to discover your goals, and find the motivation to achieve them.

Our words, whether silent or spoken, influence our minute-to minute emotions and tell our mind what to focus on and work towards.

Habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviours also change the structure of your brain, so if you don’t consciously create good habits, you can unconsciously create bad habits, however unintentional.

Put your thoughts into this 30 second Thought–Feedback Cycle. List any negative statements you frequently say to yourself that sabotage your happiness and your goals, and stop saying them. Make a habit of talking positively to yourself ALL the time.

Finish these sentences:‘A frequently recurring negative thought I have is . .’‘The emotions I experience as a result of that negative thought are . .’‘The behaviours I indulge as a result of those negative emotions are . .’‘The outcomes I achieve as a result of such behaviours are . .’‘The subsequent thoughts I have that feed back into my emotions as the cycle continues are . Remember, do something often enough and it becomes habit. Next, repeat this exercise by starting with a positive, alternative thought you could have about the same topic. Recognising the enormity of this thoughts–outcomes link gives you the power to stop your thoughts before they hamper your mood, screw up your decisions and actions, and push your goals further away.

From now on, do yourself a favour: be a good gatekeeper of all that you allow into your mind, thereby protecting and reinforcing your resilience armour.1.

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