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Rather than hide the fact that your partner can be sexually excited by someone else, it’s so much better to indulge in the fantasy by learning how to talk dirty in bed, and easing the sexual tension that gets built up otherwise.

She is lost in an unreal world, a world in which she’s making out with an unknown man, something she wouldn’t be caught dead doing in the real world. They smile at each other and kiss each other good night and cuddle up to sleep.

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Now you see the hands groping all over your breasts in the smoky flickering lights of the discotheque.

You can’t see the person too well and very soon you find yourself in his arms and your hands groping over the bulge of his pants…” “Are you having fun? ” She opens her eyes slowly and sees the face she knows so well, the face she is in love with.

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You don’t need to get sexual at first, just talk about them. You: go ahead at least im older by a few months Stranger: see its like i stay at belgium, europe .. uhmm so you means my friends put fingers inside their own vagina?? you female then can i ask you a question please pleasee?? And we’re always looking for ways to rekindle that romance and the passion of a one night stand or a lusty fling after a wild whirlwind romance.Before we get into figuring out how to talk dirty in bed, you have to know why we even talk in bed in the first place.You may remember the time you were making out with your partner against a wall, in a dark corner on a claustrophobic dance floor, while a few ogling unwanted eyes stared at you desirously.

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