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Read Malcolm Gladwell’s article on interviewing for evidence.

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Nothing is more frustrating than getting a job and not getting the resources and organizational support to do that job well. Don’t give us the right tools, and meaningful work to which we can ply those tools? Doesn’t strike me as our problem, since to get a new job every two years someone has to want us every two years.

Gen Y has heard this mantra about being great and special our whole lives, and we want to be great. Reply Interesting article and it points to a number of issues that Gen Y job seekers face but I’d like to raise a point with the job hopping angle.

The cold hard truth is that most of us are mainly interested in the money and benefits.

Plus any loyalty we extend to a company is often dismissed during layoffs or reorganizations.) or the “cool factor”; you seem to be someone with either a short attention span or that doesn’t care about what they are doing enough to become invested in your career and employer.

the list is an endless production line of ill-conceived inventions.

This episode, in an echo of the decides it should go all techy on us, a few years too late, by asking its fresh batch of non-trepreneurs to design and sell a piece of “wearable technology” to retailers.I would recommend a book to you to read: “The Trophy Generation Grows Up” by Ron Alsop.Gen X has a much different work and communication style in the workplace.As a person who is part of Generation X and unemployed, I seriously doubt that this article is addressed solely at Generation Y.I believe this expresses your attitude to the unemployed in general.After undergrad I got a job at a newspaper and was headhunted for a website which I left a year later because I got a scholarship to study abroad where I have interned aggressively to gain experience.

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