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Stoker does a wonderful job of divulging into the various stereotypes found in male dominated professions and the struggles women deal with trying to balance of being taken seriously while trying to maintain their femininity.She also addresses domestic violence and the misconception that only women can be victims.

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Meeting Boone Hatcher helps her to not only get in touch with her more feminine side but to also not feel guilty for it.

Hayden meets this deliciously sexy cowboy on a routine call.

Deputy Yates sees right through his ex’s ruse—and Boone sees right through Deputy Yates. Susan wrote the story e I don't know how Susan Stoker keeps these amazing books coming, but she does. There was a balance; between their pasts, what they do now, and what is happening around them. Liked how everything played together and made this couple one of my favorites to enjoy. Rated: 4 Stars*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Susan Stoker via Rock Star Lit with the sole purpose of an honest review. Although these books are nowhere near as steamy as I like, I can't help but being drawn to these stories.

Hayden might seem all business, but her need for justice comes from a heart that beats with pure passion. Hayden showed her femininity and Boone his masculinity. Maybe it's the devoted heroes, or the action in the storyline. I like that the hero is devoted and looks out for his heroine.

She’s worked hard to gain her co-workers respect and trust.

But always being treated as one of the guys has caused her to feel insecure about her femininity. She’s ready for the next stage of her life but unable to overcome the role she’s been placed in.

– A Boone County man accused of stealing firearms ended up in jail on Christmas.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeffery T.

No slouch when it comes to attracting the Sheriff’s Deputy Hayden Yates has worked hard to gain the respect and admiration of her fellow law enforcement officers. The story was not just all lovey dovey, but had substance. Tuff, strong, and an independent women who is more like one of the guys then a women, but she still is feminine. Tuff, strong, and an independent women who is more like one of the guys then a women, but she still is feminine.

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