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Be careful not to drop the camera – you might want to sit on the ground to minimize damage! Make your own bowling game in the dark using glow sticks!Any participant will love the added challenge of playing in the dark! Turn up the competition with a round of Summer Lawn Olympics.This looks like such a blast and super easy to rig up!

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Check out our family photography round-up for inspiration, then have each immediate family take their own picture using the timer on their cameras, then put together a slide show of all the pictures for everyone to enjoy OR all of your family pictures could be a candid shot instead of the normal point, smile, and shoot pics that are tradition!

When you plan your reunion, you have to include this activity.

Set up games like Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, Jenga, Twister, Bocce Ball, and Kubb.

Make sure to grab awards to go with the medals for the winners!

If your family needs to get re-acquainted after being away from each other for so long, this fun game of bingo will get everyone running around asking all of the IMPORTANT questions like: who loves broccoli and who is brave enough to go skydiving!

Instead of doing just a regular scavenger hunt, each member of the family should be given a camera or video camera to PROVE they found the items.

Summertime is one of my most favorite times because it’s a great excuse to get together with your family. That’s why we gathered the most unique and fun activities to help you plan your next family reunion.

However, planning the perfect reunion can be time-consuming and it can definitely be difficult to find activities that everyone will love!

Hang donuts on a string, tie the participant’s hands behind their back, and see who can eat their donut the fastest.

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