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Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.

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( The Scorpio doesn’t have The Phoenix as its alternate symbol for nothing.

) To ensure your Scorpio is reborn or re-energized properly during his or her absence, be considerate about allowing the Scorpio a personal lair (i.e.

In addition to slowing the maddening descent into the clutches of love and lust, distance can simply shake things up and keep the relationship viable.

Remember, Scorpio likes intensity and heat; without taking a break, the hot Scorpio passion will without doubt burn out; one can only love at a high-octane level for so long without fatigue.

Soon or later, Scorpio will need to put out the fire and then light the blaze again.

Furthermore, Scorpios find non-change to be tedious in relationships.

Part of the problem is that we often define ourselves by our relationships.

We assume a new identity – often one that replaces our own; we’re now “X’s boyfriend” or “Y’s husband”, and that can leave us feeling trapped.

Breaks can skew the path of the relationship just enough to make things a little edgy, a bit new — or make you a little desperate for cuddling.

In keeping with the transformative Plutonic life-death cycle, Scorpios essentially let a relationship “die”a little in absence so they can come back and revive it again with a new sense of melding, reaffirmation and dynanism.

Hopefully, Scorpios will subtract themselves before the agitation grows too much. Then, they’ll be back and you won’t be boringly “familiar.” If you think this is an option, you apparently wish to be stalked and grilled about your whereabouts and who you’ve been with.

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