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The Lutheran Millennium™ reeducation camps are going to be a tough experience for this guy. I’m a writer of chick lit, YA fantasy, romantic comedy, screenplays, etc.``He stood at the cash register listening while President [Gordon B.] Hinckley called him to be an apostle,'' says his brother-in-law, Ross Hammond.

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It’s about the woes of dating from a girl’s perspective.

“Meet Your Match” is also from a girl’s perspective…except this time, she happens to be the menace in the dating scene. However, contrary to popular belief, I want to reiterate that these books do not make me an expert on dating…obviously.

In high school, he played tackle on the same team as Le Grand Young, Steve Young's father. When a group of young LDS faculty and graduate students at Stanford University in 1966 began publishing Dialogue, a scholarly magazine for Mormons, they naturally thought of their old friend in Chicago.

Elder Oaks served on the magazine's national advisory board for about four years.

It has my romantic comedy feel with mystery and adventure thrown in…and of course, love. And I have many more ideas for romantic comedies in the works, so watch out for them–especially on ebook! I’ve also been trying my hand at writing screenplays and musicals.

And lately, I’ve been writing two YA Fantasy trilogies, “H. I won first place for “Dandelions” in the Utah Women in Film short screenplay writing contest, which they will produce in the Spring 2012.

Somebody, who I shall not name, sent me this image in an email.

This unrepentant Mormon is just asking for trouble.

He once told former law clerk Fred Voros: ``The Lord made many heads and those less beautiful he covered with hair.'' Aware that his shiny scalp identifies him, the apostle ``goes around town on personal business wearing a beret,'' says H. The apostle's playful side, however, is matched by a passion for work.

Elder Oaks' father died when he was 8 years old, leaving him as the eldest son -- the man of the Provo family.

Besides my love for writing, I occasionally twist the arms off my friends and family to be in my short movies.

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