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Recent EU figures have shown that Britain accounted for nearly a third of the total increase in population across the whole of Europe last year, with 412,000 extra people in this country in 2009.

Whitehall has also acknowledged that 100,000 new homes will be required each year for the next 25 years to cope with the growth of population as a direct result of immigration.

According to the Commons Library estimates, it will reach double the density of Germany in 20 years' time, when there will be nearly 460 people for every square kilometre in England against 224 in Germany.

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Officials said that by next year England will have 402.1 people for every square kilometre, overtaking the figure of 398.5 in Holland and 355.2 in Belgium.

The density of the population in England by 2011 will be more than four times that of France, which has 99.4 for each square kilometre.

England is now the most overcrowded country in Europe.

It has more people per square mile than the Low Countries, which has long been the most densely-populated region of the continent, MPs have been told.

Geoscience Australia monitors, analyses and reports on significant earthquakes to alert the Australian Government, State and Territory Governments and the public about earthquakes in Australia and overseas.

which means to shake or move violently and was later applied to the science and equipment associated with earthquakes.

Only tiny Malta, an island city state with a population no bigger than that of Bristol, has greater population pressure among the 27 EU members.

The confirmation of England's position at the head of the European overcrowding league table was given by the highly authoritative House of Commons library, which examined figures from the Office for National Statistics and the EU's Eurostat.

The focus of an earthquake is the point where it originated within the Earth.

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