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Those final conversations play over and over in our minds as we dissect the relationship; trying to find the moment where all hope fleeted.

Too often men are unresponsive or too desperate when they attempt to rekindle a relationship.

[Read more…] So you’ve been chatting to someone online for a while.

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The online dating game is ten times more conceited.

With no physical chemistry or any personal connection to you, many people will be quick to dismiss you if you make one wrong comment.

Like in the real world however, you must approach people in the right way. The unfortunate informality, and often physical detachment, in the technology of dating sites can cause serious misapprehensions, and unguided expectations.

Sleazy one liners or confusing jokes don’t normally work at a bar so why would they work online? The separation between the people attempting to date seems much greater than air.

[Read more…] Every online dating site will all promise that the love of your life is waiting for you if you sign up with them, but do you have more chance of finding your soulmate if you choose a paid dating site over a free one?

Well firstly be aware that nothing in life comes for free.

[Read more…] I am going to share with you some tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back from a female’s perspective.

We all know what it feels like to have “the one that got away”.

There is only a few ways you can humiliate yourself if you can think it over before you type, without seeing or hearing the other persons’ natural reactions!

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