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"Which makes it more robust than other sites which use HTML or Java.Self-contained systems like AOL's always run better, faster and with fewer problems."AOL's chat rooms are overflowing with gay men most nights of the week.

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Double-click on the member profiles and there's even less confusion.

"URABTTM," for example, asserts: "You seek control and domination by aggressive top."If the chat rooms are too busy, Steve will do a "member search" of men currently online who live in Atlanta and have keywords like "muscular" or "hung" in their profiles.

On repeated visits to different chat rooms, you'll find the public area of discussion silent.

The point of being in a gay room is unmistakable: You're there to attract flies -- literally.

If you use their definition of a swimmer's body, Orca would qualify." Tim was addicted to AOL chat rooms. To understand how the squeaky-clean all-American portal of family friendly fun got turned into trick central you first have to grasp the dramatic impact the Internet is having on any group stigmatized by society.

He'd meet guys on business trips by firing up his laptop and entering the chat rooms of the city he was visiting. Indeed, the Net is changing the way gay men come out. "The Internet provides safety for people too scared to come out.

Steve often has trouble getting into the virtual meat markets like Atlanta M4M, Atlanta M4M2 or Atlanta M4Mnow.

With a limit of 23 participants each, the six Atlanta rooms are always packed -- Steve has to hit the "return" key over and over to get in. The first thing you notice upon entering a gay chat room is the absence of, well, chat.

Men and women alike are using America Online to pick up, peel off and put out with a kind of glee unseen since the summer of love.

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