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I was therefore mandated in trust by members of the committee, to seek a foreign partner into whose account we could transfer the sum of US ,000,000, hence I am writing you this letter.

We have agreed to share the funds thus: 1) 70% for us (the committee members) 2) 20% for you (the account owner) 3) 10% will be used in settling taxation and all local and foreign expenses that will be incurred in the course of this transaction It is from our 70% that we wish to commence the importation business.

This privatization is in-line with the recommendations of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a prerequisite for future financial assistance.

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The federal military government of Nigeria, intends to lease the three existing petroleum refineries to private individuals and companies.

This is to make the refineries more viable, resourceful and to eliminate undue wastage and fraud.

It is important to inform you that as civil servants, we are forbidden to operate a foreign account; that is why we require your assistance.

The total sum will be shared as follows: 70% for us, 25% for you and 5% for local and international expenses incidental to the transfer. I am an accountant with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Estimates put the losses from these "Nigerian Advance Fee" operations at over $1 million "every single day" in the U. Attention: The President/CEO Dear Sir, Confidential Business Proposal Having consulted with my colleagues and based on the information gathered from the Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I have the privilege to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $47,500,000.00 (forty seven million, five hundred thousand United States dollars) into your accounts.

The above sum resulted from an over-invoiced contract, executed, commissioned and paid for about five years (5) ago by a foreign contractor.The contracts have immediately produced moneys equaling US,000,000.The Nigerian National Petroleum Company is desirous of oil exploration in other parts of the world, however, because of certain regulations of the Nigerian Government, it is unable to move these funds to another region.If you find this proposal acceptable, we shall require the following documents: (a) your banker's name, telephone, account and fax numbers.(b) your private telephone and fax numbers —for confidentiality and easy communication. Alternatively we will furnish you with the text of what to type into your letter-headed paper, along with a breakdown explaining, comprehensively what we require of you.The members of the committee are interested in the importation of goods into the country with funds presently floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria / Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) foreign payments account.

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