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The first results of the general elections in Iceland are expected shortly after polls close at 10 pm tonight.Iceland Monitor will provide live upates of the vote count as all six constituencies report election results.Meanwhile, Amber Rudd's Hastings & Rye seat looks under threat with a recount currently underway to determine whether Labpur have snatched the seat from the Home Secretary.

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Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood finished first and second in the Nov. 5 to follow results from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office as they happen with WABE’s live map.

7 mayoral election that featured eight other candidates. Search your address to find your precinct, and see your current location.

The governmental agreement between the Left Green Alliance, the Independence Party, and the Progressive Party has been accepted at each individual party meeting today.

The Left Green Alliance voted for the governmental agreement with 80 % of votes.

In another devastating blow for the SNP, the party’s former leader Alex Salmond has been ousted from his Gordon constituency by the Conservatives, who have seen a small resurgence in the last hour or so.

The governing party currently have 290 seats, while Labour have 249, an increase of 29 seats.Tedeschi's work highlights a crucial point about polling: The numbers that polls present almost always involve a series of decisions made by pollsters, and those decisions are always subjective.Pollsters make their best efforts to get the numbers right, but given the same data, different pollsters will often come up with different results. But I had a duty to concede, and I did so without reluctance,” Mc Cain said.Sky News are now forecasting a hung parliament, with the Tories now expected to get between 315-325 seats.3.00am In the biggest news of the past hour, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has lost his Sheffield Hallam seat to Labour in a devastating blow to the Lib Dems.Party leader Tim Farron could lose his Westmorland seat according to early forecasts, while former minister Vince Cable has regained the Twickenham constituency.The final election results are expected in the early hours of Sunday, October 29th.

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