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"We started networking." There were calls and in-person meetings with Amazon employees. "Our focus in Blind is not about getting a bajillion users," Shin said."Our focus, even as we grow, our focus is having siloed, unique communities that are very valued." As Blind grew, it transformed into the place techies could go to chat about their jobs and also find out about the news—way before the tech press or their bosses would tell them formally.The Amazon employee's reason for downloading Blind?

Lately, gossip around life at Uber has been a hot topic. People within our company will talk about it, but we actually don’t know people as a whole at Microsoft or Linked In or Apple," said a Google employee. "Our goal is to respect the privacy of users, especially the private company channels.

Blind can also be an area for quick feedback on career moves: "Some conversations are a little snarky, usually conversation that were timed relevant to announcements," he said. Once you're verified, you're in, and there's little communication with the employees at Blind. We’re not running any algorithms on there." There's some moderation, of course, but it's mostly by Blind's "flagging engine." If a post gets reported a couple times from users, it automatically comes down.

"There’s a very fine line, a tight balance they have to draw.

These anonymous communities have to find balance." Shin proposed taking the operation upstate after finding a positive response from tests with Facebook ads.

With Blind entrenched in South Korea, the company set for entry into the U. Blind faced a major hurdle in the form of the app Secret, which left behind a bad rep for anonymous messaging in Silicon Valley.

Secret was a similar anonymous messaging forum of techies, but quickly devolved into racism, hatred, and all-around negativity.In a separate section called "Tech Lounge," you'll see a poll about Snap Inc.'s upcoming IPO.These screenshots were provided by members of the community, who requested anonymity. Blind is a private community only available to employees at a select number of tech companies.You can't simply try making a fake Linked In profile, either. in 2015, but it got its start the year prior in South Korea, where the founders still operate the business.All sign-ups are tied to each company's official email, and must be verified via that email address. Now that it's starting to get more attention, Blind's basking in it—and expanding.Crack it open, and you'll get a sense for whatever the tech community cares about at this very moment, via Blind's anonymous message board, where insiders dish dirt, spill beans, and trade advice.

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