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I am so scared of telling my new partner, but am confused on the signs of an attack. I am having lots of anxiety about it and don't want to hurt him. Do not wait until you feel the relationship has turned the corner into being serious.

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I can understand the concerns about being with friends and not wanting any visible signs (if you have HSV1), I know there are things on the market to help keep cold sores at bay.

I do not have HSV1 so haven't done much research to give you good advice.

i found out about 5 days ago and have felt so bad, so bad. i guess, i'm not to consurned about the genital aspect right now, i'm just concerned about the visible aspect when i'm hanging out with friends. I just reunited (this weekend) with a old high school "friend".

i don't know who to tell or just to keep it inside. I am so scared and nervous i dont know what i can take or what i can/cannot do. My own doctor just told me i showed up positive for both but gave me no direction or advise..he told me is that there is no cure... Can some one help me to understand the question of "what do i do now" Lab work can not show how long you have had herpes, therefore you dont know if you've had it for awhile.

If you have HSV2, don't put off getting on daily medication of, Valtrex or Zovirax, because it will greatly decrease your outbreaks.

You will still have the virus but living outbreak free is a whole new way of living!

i don't know who to tell or just to keep it inside. If you are not ready to tell your parents perhaps there is a school counselor or other relative you could confide in.

If you live with your parents and decide to tell them, opening that door will give you support especially on the days you aren't feeling up to par.

I have had herpes for over 4 years now, but have not come to terms with it. I feel so ashamed and guilty for not being honest about it, and am struggling with how to tell him i have herpes.

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