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He’s a womanizer, an especially callous one, as well as kind of a loser.” Succinct and precise as this definition is, it has turned Sales into an object of condescension for some.

Fuckboy is not a dating style,” claims Alana Massey, “so much as a worldview that reeks of entitlement but is aghast at the prospect of putting in effort.” Elaborating on this claim over the phone, she told me that, to her, a fuckboy is a man who wants a girlfriend without the attendant responsibilities.

Unsurprisingly, listeners started noticing the word before journalists did.

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As attempts to historicize the term frequently point out, Cam’ron used it in passing in the chorus of his 2002 “Boy, Boy”: “Oh this cat over front? fucking drop boy, boy.” To Cam’ron a “fuck boy” is apparently a contemptible faker, but the rapper does little to define the term.

has appeared “in a growing number of rap and hip-hop songs” in the decade since Cam’ron first employed it.

Fuckboys “become emotional vampires to women who aren’t even their girlfriends.” If Sales and Massey agree on anything, it’s that a fuckboy is the worst kind of guy, or at least one who represents the worst trends of the present moment.

In her response to Sales, Massey sets out to explain what’s wrong with modern men.

” A fuckboy is recognizable by his objectionable actions. While it may not have been important to Run the Jewels to define the term, it must have been to some of the group’s listeners—and to those hearing the word in other contexts.

Why else did so many turn to Google in search of a clearer explanation?

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Popular searches include “what is fuckboy,” “definition fuckboy,” “define fuckboy,” and requests for the term (and variant spellings “fuckboi” and “fuccboi”) in Urban Dictionary. Some overlap, but without any real consistency, suggesting something more like Wittgensteinian family resemblance insofar as they share only the derisive force of the term itself.

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