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', just a few years ago here at PIXYLAND, and I hope you'll give it a listen!I also like science fiction/fantasy as well as comedy, fantasy, action-adventure films, and even well done "tear jerkers".

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There simply is no better medium for that purpose than the internet, especially if you take the time to set up your own site! I also started this site so that Tinkerbell would have an easier time finding me, and I'm very happy to report that she has!!

In fact, you'll find links to Our Fairy Wedding scattered all about the site!

I've many hobbies and interests including Music (guitarist), electronics, sewing, Computer programming, and I generally like anything creative, especially music.

I released my first CD of original music, 'I Won't Grow Up!

Dorothy/Tink's Page Our Fairy Wedding Site Donations Myspace Facebook Guestbook Local Performances Supporters/Affiliates Guitar Lessons Lot's More Links, TV appearances, and More! I created this site in late 2000 to share a little about myself with friends, both old and new.

While I don't update the text of this main page very often, the site continues to mushroom and grow out in all directions.Childlike, "pixyish", and unencumbered by notions of what is and is not permissible for boys. But the human spirit is hard to suppress, and I have made my choice to be true to myself and live my dreams in this life.So in the end, the many friends I do make are for real, and each is worth more than 1000 phonies.These range from things that I can wear all the time, to fun things more suited for parties, special occasions, or "club-wear".Many would be very suitable for a ballet performance, ALL are unconditionally VERY silly!! Just look at all the links (below) for tons of other pages and adventures.Of course life is not a game, and I do strive to continually grow in emotional, spiritual, and mental maturity.

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