Dating someone with an addictive personality sex dating in searcy louisiana

Often, to the person who is being “ghosted” it can feel like there is also no cause for the sudden disappearance.

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Or you may be asked to do favours for the addict on a consistent basis, such as watching their children or doing their errands, and you may not know how to say no.

Whatever your particular situation is, acceptance of what you are dealing with in your life is the first survival tip for loving an addicted person.

People who have a mental illness which distorts their perception of self and their ego can take real or perceived signals of invalidation very personally and feel the need to retaliate in response.

Ghosting is the way that they hurt you while simultaneously protecting themselves, though they hurt themselves in the process.

These addictions can include mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol, as well as mood-altering addictions such as eating disorders, compulsive over-spending, smoking, being “glued” to the internet, gambling or codependency in relationships.

You may be feeling a constant, gnawing worry that you live with every day.There are effective ways to deal with the addicted person in your life, just as there are ways that are not only ineffective but can also be dangerous.Learning to distinguish between them can save you a lot of time and can also produce much healthier results for you and your addicted loved one.You may find yourself being asked for money often, and feeling guilty if you say no.Perhaps you are watching everything you say and do, in order to “keep peace” in your home and not make the addict angry.Things will not get better just because you wish they would.

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