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There have been instances of students unwittingly falling into a trap, and the stigma is felt more by victims in smaller towns.

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Replacing the more well-known online platforms, dating apps are becoming popular.

There seems to be a fascination for these apps among both youngsters and middle-aged people.

“In a month, we get a minimum of five cases related to social media obsession.

There are many couples who come for marriage counselling after first meeting online. We do get information from other counsellors and psychiatrists about such cases coming to them,” warns K Ramakrishnan, clinical psychiatrist and director of Mind Care Center, Tiruchy. Ganesh (name changed) has been cheated of `1000 and `500 in Bengaluru as well as in Coimbatore.

One youngster who wished not to be named, says, “Youngsters in smaller towns of India are bound more tightly by cultural restrictions.

It’s not like we can go ahead and freely start dating women before settling down with someone we like. But when done with technology, the promise of genuineness is zero.Students from the age of 15 to married men and women create profiles for socialising.Sometimes, the issue of dating almost ceases to exist, and the app turns into a fertile ground for sex predators,” Abi adds.S Sarayu, a lifeskill trainer, sums up: “Most people here do not know what dating means. Whether it’s online or in the physical world, there are a lot of people seeking and trying to establish "friends with benefits" arrangements, or FWB.Once the transfer is done, they vanish without a trance. These people operate exclusively out of these apps,” he says. Having said that, online dating does not give a person a real taste of a relationship.” Breaking up homes Experts are also worried about the impact of dating apps on marriage.

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