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Your love of your life will not show up and just fall in love with you with you standing there doing nothing. Because it shows that you’ve considered other options just in case the person didn’t like your only choice.EFFORT MATTERSWhen you’re setting up a date, don’t give just one option. If you want to give a 6th option of “Whatever your suggestion is” then go with that if she chooses the 6th.Cores taken from lakes throughout Vancouver Island consist of a homogeneous sequence of postglacial sediments that is usually underlain by glacial varves or outwash deposits.

“Single & Dating In Vancouver” is not a typical 5 to 10 minute Webseries, nor is it a reality show, it’s a full-fledged 22-25 minute, scripted comedic online series that not only features the highlights (and lowlights) of single life in Vancouver, but also showcases the very distinct courtship nuances and idiosyncracies that make Vancouver’s dating scene unique – from commitment-shy men arriving for dates in a hoodie, to seemingly unapproachable, uber-picky women avoiding all eye contact on the street.

In Vancouver, the common problem statement women are expressing is that “Dating in Vancouver is difficult”.

COMMUNICATION MATTERSMen, time and time again I’ve heard personal anecdotes of other guys not confident in their decision making and their words.

First of all, don’t call your date babe, hun, sweetheart, sweetie, or those generic relationship babying words on the first date.

Secondly, when the person who is interested in you asks you a question, give them the honest answer.

Don’t be a wishy-washy idiot who can’t make a decision.

Let’s say you’re successful at securing the first date. Knowing the person inside is the true person you’ll be dating.

You continue to put in the effort by getting to know the other person. If they want to know more about you, they will ask. The exterior is an ever ageing challenge for everyone.

Each date lasts for 5 minutes with an intermission half way through the evening to mix, mingle and enjoy some appetizers.

Throughout the dates, the ladies take their seats leaving the men to rotate table to table in alphabetical order.

I’ve heard stories after stories of men saying and doing stupid shit that ruin their chances at something special.

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