Dating game improv characters

Examples of sentences could be Why are we stuck here? One statement and one question are given to two players, and they can ONLY use these catch phrases during the scene.

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From time to time, the host calls out a new suggestion.

A handful of players form a line on stage for this song game.

This month’s shows include “Cupid’s Arrow,” their improvised dating game.

The show is inspired by the classic 1960s and ’70s show The Dating Game, and has the “contestant “choosing from three outlandish characters inspired by audience suggestions (and then going on a date with him/her).

The host asks the audience for a one syllable word and the players take turns going down the line telling a story in the form of a rap. If the rhymes arent close enough to the original word, the players arent telling a story, or a player freezes, the host calls out the player and asks them to join the sick backup crew behind the line.

The last word in each of the lines has to rhyme with whatever word was given by the host, meaning its an AAA etc. After a player is called out, the host gets a new one syllable word and the rap starts over again.Date/Time 02/01/2018 - 02/28/2018 am Location The Upfront Theatre Ready for a laugh?The Upfront Theatre has improv comedy every Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights on Bay Street in downtown Bellingham.Players will perform a selection of scenes that reenact an average day in the life of our FAM. For example, if the letter picked was L then the next letter would be M and so on through the alphabet.Players take turns alternating between the letters.Players compete with each other until only the true rap master is left.

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