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sg.88In this book, Harville Hendrix, a couples counselor, introduces readers to a form of therapy called Imago Relationship Therapy.

Essentially, this form of therapy focuses on having you understand your unconscious image of the opposite sex or, simply put, what you’re subconsciously looking for in a partner.

They don’t play games (if they’re serious about you). Reality au For those who like organization, this book breaks people down into 4 categories of partners: the Explorer, who is creative and seeks novelty; the Builder who takes precautions and is conventional; the Director who is assertive and single-minded; and the Negotiator who is empathetic and idealistic.

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Check out our picks: kendavenport.Written by a stand-up comedian, the harsh realities in this book become a little easier to digest with his funny twist. Couples have praised this book because they can practice the exercises on their choosing from their home. Meanwhile all men really want from a partner is support, loyalty, and sex.

Essentially, Greg Behrendt teaches us that men act from their intentions. So long as those are provided, men won’t question your other moves.

In other words, put your mind to work before you let your heart get involved.

A welcome guide to couples who just aren’t “getting each other,” this book helps partners learn to communicate in a peaceful, productive manner, highlighting easy ways to minimize blame and judgment when resolving issues, so they can get straight to the underlying needs that have to be addressed.

Why not join us, as part of a bigger movement to reclaim virtuous masculinity?

The real test of whether dating and relationship strategies are worthwhile or not is very simple: Do they get results? Every testimonial printed anywhere on any of our websites is 100% real and unsolicited.Great for those who appreciate a practical, scientific approach, this book picks apart common misunderstandings about divorce and works to make clear what happiness in a marriage really means.John Gottman is himself a world-renowned marriage researcher and clinical psychologist.In this get-real-with-yourself book, psychoanalyst Marshall encourages you to figure out your deal breakers before dating someone, and stand by those.This helps you avoid wasting time, building a connection with someone it just won’t work out with in the end.After graduating from Harvard Business School, Rachel used what she learned about marketing to create this 15-step program to finding love.

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