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In order to accurately date a photograph based on clothing, it is important to compare your photograph with others taken around the same time.

Consulting pictorial histories of the period can help you do that.

In addition, clothing, photographer's imprints and even the photographic technique can help you place the photograph in a timeframe.

Since few people can identify all clues in the picture, assigning a date will probably require a trip to the reference department of a large public or academic library.

Find the working dates for them by consulting city directories, local historical societies or published directories of photographers.

As you begin to ask questions about your photographs, don't forget that the most important information can be found by talking with relatives and looking at your family history.Practice Yoga Yoga is known to tone your body and reduce stress but it also ramps up your sex life.Yoga poses increase your libido by increasing circulation to the pelvic region.However, don't rely completely on this information, as it could have been erroneously written on the back by later relatives who thought they knew the date.Just as national and international news items appear in family images through our ancestors' participation in them, local events usually figure prominently in turn-of-the-century collections.Be on the lookout for the following: Clothing provides one of the most specific ways to accurately date an image.

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