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For most of this year (and some of last), I had been searching for a life coach, just wanting help in figuring out how to approach my life so that I would feel less overwhelmed.

She linked to her website, and as soon as I clicked over, I knew that she was the one.

Adolescents on the autism spectrum have unique challenges that are often hard for their parents, teachers, and peers to understand.

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Their school experience is more threatening than ever before.

They may not feel safe, and may come home with heightened sensitivity, anger, and sadness.

I had hoped to share some of the school year custody with Nigel and Aidan’s dad by moving to where he lives, and that, as most of you know, didn’t happen. I’ve been doing this (full-time single parenting) for nine years, and I guess I can just keep doing it. The boys don’t get up much during the night now of course, but the . One day a few months ago, Eithne left a comment on one of my posts.

It’s sort of like when I was going through my separation twelve years ago – the same concern is there, the wishing they could help, the commiserating over things not going according to plan. I’d read about various life coaches on friends’ blogs and would come across a few online, but none of them felt right for me.

Through her excellent coaching I am learning to prioritize my life according to what I value, and I definitely feel that I now have the tools to enable myself to feel less overwhelmed.

To anyone looking for a life coach, I highly recommend her!7) I drink green smoothies every morning for breakfast. A green smoothie in the morning and a glass of wine at night – it’s all about balance! I’d do the tagging thing, but I have a big IEP meeting tomorrow morning (more on that next week), and must use the rest of my evening to prepare. This phenomenon has become a major concern for parents and educators in recent years.The autism epidemic was identified over 15 years ago.Prior to that time, it was believed that autism affected approximately one in every 2500 births.

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