Apathetic about dating

We can still get our feelings hurt, we can still feel bad about things, we're just not open about it. We still have our hearts broken, we still cry sometimes. Trying to make up petty things to talk about, when we don't really care. We may get invested in tv shows, maybe even too obsessed with our pets, but drama is not a thing. If not, pressing questions do nothing but cause anxiety and a little discomfort. We have a small handful of friends we are open with, so there is a possibility. Remember that our apathy didn't come out of no where- we were hardened, not born.

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Look, I get that this is kind of a grey area, because we all put our best foot forward when it comes to dating and doing nice things for people. So by telling me you won’t click my sims link or something that takes two seconds, I just lose interest in sleeping with you.

But if you’re going into a friendship with this mindset that eventually you’ll get something out of it presumably sexually, and then when you do all these nice things and feel taken advantage of, it’s kind of your own fault. You have whined to us about how no girls are interested in you. If I like a guy enough to date/hang out with him for a prolonged period of time, I love doing any nice things for him that I can within reason, so this kind of anti-nice-guy game-playing just makes my brain hurt and my vagina dry. And may the odds be ever in your favor when it comes to dating.

Here at Apathetic Chipmunk, I don’t only talk about important topics like food and television, I also occasionally talk about dating and annoying people at Starbucks. Probably not unless you’re one of my parents and you read this blog all the time.

Today I thought it was about time that I finally did some myth-busting over here about a Very Special Topic: Nice Guys. Guys who use this line to illuminate why they have little to no success with women are also the same guys who probably assume they have to beat up the school’s bully or win some sort of drag race (just to be clear, I mean cars, not ) to get a girl interested.

Sensitive people, breakable objects, vulnerable, drunk women... We're just not going to spill them all to you, and if you could keep yours to yourself then all the better.

Honestly, we know our emotions and can identify them.

Just because you don't know about it and we're not overly emphasizing how shitty our day was or how happy we are doesn't mean we don't feel. We will validate or argue the things that are important. We don't mean to invalidate our emotions, sometimes it just happens naturally. We honestly don't give a fuck about the petty shit. Whether that be a person or a cause, we are passionate to our core, we just don't let emotions get in the way.

We choose our battles because being outwardly emotional is such a big deal to us. We can easily celebrate accomplishments, but we won't pat you on the back for every single good thing you do. When we do feel things, we try to rationalize and explain them to ourselves, getting down to the core, the nitty-gritty. Distancing ourselves from others by explaining that our feelings are just a chemical reaction. It's a good attribute to have, and we're pretty good at it. It is what is it, and we're not afraid to tell you.9. We'd rather talk about something that matters, maybe even argue, as long as it's something we're interested in. Skip over it if you're trying to hold a conversation. We simply don't care enough to involve ourselves wholeheartedly in an issue that we know isn't important. We may not be overly emotional, and you may not even know that we care at all, but once we find something worth fighting for, we pour ourselves into it. You'll probably never know my mothers maiden name, or my favorite childhood memory, or even how many siblings we have. Eventually, maybe, we could open up about some things.

Yeah, I know, I’m melting just thinking about it, and for once I’m not being sarcastic. Possible explanations for why a girl Isn’t into a “nice guy” 1. And if you, “nice guy”, dare tell me that there isn’t a “nice girl” out there that you wouldn’t pass up because you’re not attracted to her, you’re a lying liar who eats sugar-frosted-lies for breakfast. Get some interests outside masturbation and video games.

I’m sorry you don’t have the option to wear makeup or push-up bras, but you could go to the gym, smell good, rescue animals, and other things that make the ladies think you’re a fox. She can totally fucking tell that you’re not really a “nice guy” or her friend. Both of those things are awesome, but you have to actually do something that’s not on your couch once in awhile.

The whole mixture becomes emotional, messy, and eventually everyone loses. We are distant, distrusting, might not give you the confidence we care, but we do.

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