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The pool is similar in size and shape to the nearby mineral springs – about 120 feet in circumference with approximately 43,000 gallons of constantly flowing spring water.

In 1836, the circular Ladies’ Pool House was constructed to give the ladies their own pool.

The American Indians first discovered the healing benefits of the natural springs that bubble to the surface in pools in the Warm Springs Valley of Virginia.

Later, when the European colonists migrated to the area, the springs became places for retreat and rejuvenation - such as today!

Signature services include the 1766 Mineral Bath and Mineral Springs Mud Wrap.

Although the natural springs of yesteryear were once popular resort areas, most have been forgotten.

The waters have an unusually high level of mineral content and are so crystal clear a book can easily be read through them.

ake to the waters of Virginia's relaxing hot springs and spas.

The first recorded survey of the area was done by Thomas and Andrew Lewis.

Thomas Lewis and his son obtained 140 acres of the land, including the warm springs.

Three major springs in the Warm Springs Valley of the Allegheny Mountains in Bath and Allegheny Counties can be found in western Virginia along U. Route 220 - Warm Springs, Hot Springs and Healing Springs.

The Spa at The Omni Homestead in Hot Springs is a state-of-the-art facility with an Aqua Thermal Suite and a year-round, adults-only natural hot spring spa garden.

An elegantly renovated farmstead barn sets the stage for a perfect balance of relaxation, massage, and facial treatments.

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